In These Times - CD

In These Times - CD

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2012 - Music is More Important

track list:

1. Change You
2. All Night Music
3. World War
4. Love You More
5. Next Best Explosion
6. Pockets
7. Healing
8. Far Away
9. Monshine
10. Foundation
11. Family Sake
12. In These Times

total time: 55.05

In These Times consists of 12 tracks that showcase GPGDS psychedelic reggae sound. Guests include Hawaii's The Green, contributing backup vocals on "All Night Music", and John Brown's Body's horn section on "Next Best Explosion" and "Healing". The album was mixed by Billy Hume (Nas, STS9, Ludacris, Josh Ritter), and dubbed by the band's longtime engineer Joel Scanlon. The album was also included in the "Reggae:best of 2012" on iTunes and reached #5 on Billboard's Reggae charts.